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Remembering You on Father's Day  / Mom


You never got to be or know your daughter, died 1 month after finding out about her!  She is now fifteen and her family has her in church! I'm happy about that! Life sure can throw us some curve balls uhn son?  I miss you and though you never had a chance to be "DADDY"I wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day anyway!

I love you Craig

Happy 38th Birthday  / Mom


Happy Birthday Craig!

I miss you so much and today would be your 38th birthday!  It has been 16 years now since we have celebrated your birthday with singing, birthday cake and gifts. 

I love you Craig

You are missed so incredibly much!


Valentine Day  / Mom


I love you Craig and miss you so much!  Your love remains in my heart:  your memory is a treasure: You are my son!

I wish you were here so I could give you a big Valentine Day Love Hug!

I love you son,



Merry Christmas Son  / Mom


Merry Christmas Son, we miss you so much!  It has been too long since we have had your laughter heard around our Christmas celebrations.  I love you, Craig


Today, Fifteen Years Ago  / Mom


I love you and miss so much Craig!  Today fifteen years ago, you left this side of eternity to enter into your eternal dwelling.


Son, know your absence is missed and you are longed for by so many still today!

You are more than just a memory, you are my son forever, you still live within me.  You live son you live!

I love you Craig

15 years ago Thanksgiving Day  / Mom

Today, there is one missing from the celebration!  Fifteen years ago, Thanksgiving Day was the last celebration we shared with you!  Please know son, it will never be the same, we miss you and love you so much.  Our dinner table is missing your broad arm spand   and the joy you brought to our celebration.

Though we celebrate today, we within our heart feel the missing link in our family chain!  It is broken never to be mended this side of eternity!

Happy Heavenly Thanksgiving Son!

I love you

Thanksgiving 2011  / Mom

November 1996 was the last Thanksgiving we spent with you!  Then December 18, 1996 you crossed over to be with the Lord.

The holidays have not ever been the same son, someone is missing at our dinner table, someone is not there to "bully" his little brother, someone is not there to add their own special "zest" to our holiday.

I miss you terribly, the family misses you also! Doug would love for you to be "bullying" his little boy that is now eleven years old....Aunt Jeretta misses you so much...Papaw and Mamaw miss their Craig Buck Sehon.....

Never is life to be the same without you, Craig!

Happy Heavenly Thanksgiving

I love you


Thinking of you Son!  / Mom

Oh how I miss your energy this time of year.  The Fall you were getting frisky ready for the woods.  You loved to hunt and this was the beginning of your season.  This time of year is always the hardest for me son Fall always reminds me of your love for the earth nature and outdoors.  Thanksgiving being the last holiday and time I saw you before you crossed over to Heaven's shore line.  I love you so much Craig and miss you terribly.  Sending you hugs kisses and all of my love upon the wings of an angel. 

I love you Craig

My Son I Miss You  / Mom


Ole Blue misses you too!

Son it has been so long since we have heard your laugh watched you cross a room the way only you could cross a room.  Doug misses the thumps on his head by his older brother.  Papaw and Mamaw miss their first grandson Buck!

Hunter only knows you by our words of love and memories shared with him.  Your pictures still grace our walls. But he has an incredible love for his Uncle Craig.

He shared with me one day when he and I went out to put flowers on your gravesite Nana I sure wish Uncle Craig and I could have know each other.  I told him that you do know each other but in a special kind of way.  I told him that you were his Special guardian angel.

I love you Craig and my heart has felt your absence so much lately.  Fall is on its way and I'm guessing that is partly some of the reason.  It was your favorite time of year...getting ready for hunting season!

Kisses and Hugs to my Angel Craig


Happy Fourth of July Son  / Mom



Missing you so much Son! Aunt Jeretta text me and told me that she thought and talked of you all day on your birthday.

Can't help but believe you were with us in spirit as we relished in your memory that special day.

We love you son!



Papaw and Mamaw

Aunt Jeretta



Happy Birthday Craig  / Mom

Happy Birthday Craig

You were 1 month old in this picture.  It was taken July 1974.

You will be 37 years old tomorrow.  The last 13 birthdays celebrated in Heaven.

We miss you so much!  Every celebration we know there is one of us missing.  Even though it has been 14 years 1/2 years since you crossed over we still feel your absence.

I love you son!

Happy Heavenly Birthday

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Miss you Son!  / Mom

Happy Easter 2011  / Mom

I love you Craig

My Heart Longs for you Son  / Mom

Craig I miss you so much.  Today my heart is heavy with the rivers of tears.  The dam broke this morning as I read Margarets comment about Uncle Charlie.  You were loved by so many and your void in our lives is so tremendously painful. 

Soon we will be reunited as family!

I love you son



14 years ago today  / MOM

     My dearest son!  Fourteen years ago today at 6:05 a.m. a knock came to my door.  I am thinking it was your Aunt Sue to shower considering how cold it was and per the conversation she and I had the night before in regards to her pipes freezing over.  I ran to the door and there stood three officers Danny Russell your Aunt Sue and another guy.  They brought to me the most terrifing heart breaking news ever that a mother this mother could possibly hear.  My son had died the night before in an automobile accident.  That moment my life changed forever! It has never been the same and will never be the same.

The only truth I can speak this morning is how lonely life has been for you and that when others look or I look behind me I "SEE ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS AND THEY ARE NOT MINE"

I love you so much and miss you terribly.  I took your traditional Poinsetta out to your grave yesterday.  We miss you son! Have a very Heavenly Merry Christmas Craig.    





Merry Christmas Son  / MOM

Merry Christmas Craig ~ 14 years ago December 18 1996 ~ You left us ..... Christmas has never been the same!  I love you son

Craigs 14th Anniversary  / Teala (. Mom Of Chris Naro ). (A Friend of his sweet Mom )

Craig’s 14th Year Anniversary

“Anniversaries of deaths of loved ones such as for our Son’s
have an extraordinary capacity to impact us psychologically
emotionally and spiritually-we both have learn to know
for too many years.”
~ ~ ~


You have mastered the strength to make it through it all
With help from our Precious Lord.
Thank GOD you have reached it so well spiritually.
I respect your goal keeping God first in your heart
As well as spreading the word to others like me who need it.
Our Lord Will Bless You For It.
~ ~ ~
My heart is reaching out to you so
Much on this upcoming 14th Anniversary
Of Craig’s Passing.
I definitely feel your pain.
For what you’re going through
Just Remember-
I’m thinking of you frequently
And praying for you too.
If there’s something I can do
Anything at all
Think of me ‘ thinking of you’
And don’t hesitate to call.
Love You Girl!!!
God Bless You!!!
Teala Naro

Happy 36th Birthday  / MOM


Happy Birthday Craig! I love you and miss you so much.  Juni 3rd you would have celebrated your 36th birthday with me. 

I put Red Roses out on your marker this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day and your birthday. 

Many changed but none has the effect on me that your crossing over had on me ~ Looking forward to the day that I can put my arms around you and tell you I love you again ~

Loving You  / MOM

A letter sent to you carried by Angels Wings to tell you how much I love you and miss you son.


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