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Merry Christmas Son  / MOM

Merry Christmas Craig ~ 14 years ago December 18 1996 ~ You left us ..... Christmas has never been the same!  I love you son

Craigs 14th Anniversary  / Teala (. Mom Of Chris Naro ). (A Friend of his sweet Mom )

Craig’s 14th Year Anniversary

“Anniversaries of deaths of loved ones such as for our Son’s
have an extraordinary capacity to impact us psychologically
emotionally and spiritually-we both have learn to know
for too many years.”
~ ~ ~


You have mastered the strength to make it through it all
With help from our Precious Lord.
Thank GOD you have reached it so well spiritually.
I respect your goal keeping God first in your heart
As well as spreading the word to others like me who need it.
Our Lord Will Bless You For It.
~ ~ ~
My heart is reaching out to you so
Much on this upcoming 14th Anniversary
Of Craig’s Passing.
I definitely feel your pain.
For what you’re going through
Just Remember-
I’m thinking of you frequently
And praying for you too.
If there’s something I can do
Anything at all
Think of me ‘ thinking of you’
And don’t hesitate to call.
Love You Girl!!!
God Bless You!!!
Teala Naro

Happy 36th Birthday  / MOM


Happy Birthday Craig! I love you and miss you so much.  Juni 3rd you would have celebrated your 36th birthday with me. 

I put Red Roses out on your marker this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day and your birthday. 

Many changed but none has the effect on me that your crossing over had on me ~ Looking forward to the day that I can put my arms around you and tell you I love you again ~

Loving You  / MOM

A letter sent to you carried by Angels Wings to tell you how much I love you and miss you son.


Miss You so much Craig  / Mom

Happy New Year 2010 Son ~ I miss you ~  / Mom

I love you Craig ~ forever and ever ~ till we meet again on the other side of eternity ~

Hugs to you son


Tears still flow upon my pillow  / Mom

Tears still flow from my heart finding their way out through the eyes that once looked upon your beautiful face.  I remember holding you in my arms as a small wee baby as a rowdy little boy and then a young man. 

I love you Craig


Loving an Miss you son Happy 2010  / Mom


I love you Craig ~ 13 years ~

Today 13 year ago December 18, 1996  / Mom

Today 13 years ago son we rejoiced over the birth of Bridget's baby girl Caitlyn Danielle Rodman..1 day old ...I had called and left you a message early morning of the 18th telling you of Bridget's baby girl and to come see her @ the hospital.  Little did any of us know this would be the last day of your life upon this earthly journey.  It was so hard on all of us...we were jerked from the high of a new birth to the lowest of lows of your death....we experienced the old saying .... for every birth there is a death came to our family in both aspects.

This cold cold night at 11:36 per the coroner you crossed over into the bright light of peace.  We did not know until the morning of the 19th.  The officers came to my house at 6:05 a.m. with your Aunt Sue and they gave me the news.  My world crashed ~ your brother lost his very best friend ~

Today Doug is the dad of a very handsome young man Hunter Craig ... it appears he has your gift for hunting...he has killed a deer this year ~ a 4 point ~ His dad still has yet to kill one ~  ;0

I love you son and many people have expressed their love and concerns for this day.  Your friend Dustin Hughes has made comments of how hard this day is for him.

I know you are doing alright and soon we all shall be reunited in the heavenlies....I can hardly wait to hug you and tell you Mamma missed you and loves you.

Until that reunion day ~ son ~ know I love you and miss you ~

I hope you like your Christmas Poinsettas I put out each year !

Hugs and kisses

Thanksgiving Holiday  / Momma


It is Thanksgiving weekend.  Doug had to be out on the rig out in the Gulf and we missed you so much.  Aunt Jeretta came in and Big Jim and Lil Jim Hunter and I went to Mamaw and Papaw's in Texarkana to celebrate Thanksgiving.  13 years ago was the last Thanksgiving I celebrated with you.  I had forgotten my camera and thought to myself I will get pictures left us December 18 1996....I never got my pictures!

Life has been hard for all of us and it doesn't seem to be letting up any at all.  Surely the Lord will return soon and we can escape the misery of this painful life on earth to rejoice forever more with you once again.

Tonight my son one of your good friends Dustin Huges contacted me.  I was so surprised and delighted.  I wept tears rolling down my face as we chatted on FB chat.  Son you had so many wonderful people in your life and when you left we all lost a portion of joy a portion of the good life.  You left a big gapping hole in our hearts that no one can ever fill.  Dustin said tonight there was not anyone that can take your were the best!  We laughed about your snicker and he named off a guy by the name of Brandon Jackson and how he laughs like you now ... we shared stories was almost like a part of you visiting with me...I was so happy and so thankful he contacted me.  What an awesome Christmas gift.  We thought about it and decided it was probably you pushing him while he was in the deer stand to contact me:  We just know it had to be you!   We both felt so much better after visiting and sharing our stories:  Of course I do not have an ounce of fluid left in my body for crying it all out ..

Mamaw and Papaw are in their 70's now. Papaw is 76 and Mamaw is 70 I am 53 Aunt Jeretta is 52...Doug is 30 ... and Bridget is 33...Jacob killed his first 8 point this weekend while visiting his dad in Foreman. Hunter is now 9 years old!  He loves you so much and he knows all about his Uncle Craig. 

I love you son and miss you so terribly much.  Dustin said that he visits you and I was thrilled because I had thought everyone had forgotten you and did not visit blessed me so much to hear of this young man's loyalty to a good friend.  He even called me Momma Rhonda ....!  ;0) 

Oh this pain in my heart is so intense and I miss my son so much!  I long to hear your laughter see your walk as cocky as it was to smell your "joo joo" juice .....I miss you so much!

Please forgive me for not getting on her and neglecting your memorial.  I was told to stay off due to a virus that was to be in the site.  I don't know if there is one or not but Dustin said he found me through this memorial I created for you. 

Son thank you for tonight!  You are missed more than anyone could know...I never knew....the depth of your influence upon other's life...guess I was just focused upon my son only. 

Soon my son we shall be together again! I love you Momma

Your Namesake  / Mom


This is Hunter Craig Sehon

You two would have been best buddies


Today / Mom

Today it is September 16 2009 ~ It is raining it is fall ~time moving forward each day taking me further from you ~ But only it the essence of time ~ My heart is as close as ever ~ My heart beats by the memory of your laughter the sound of your voice the smile upon your face the twinkle in your eye:  My heart weeps secretly for you my son ~ People say it has been long enough ~ Never is time long enough ~ I look forward to the day I can hold you in the Heavenlies as you welcome me through the gates ~

Doug is doing a great job of being a daddy to your nephew your name sake...Hunter Craig!  He has made a good life for his family.  He is a hard worker. I don't see him much sometimes it feels as though he has left also.  I miss you so much son!

Hunter is playing football this year! His first year. His number is #25! He won 2nd place at the Fair and Rodeo this year "again" in the Steer Riding contest ~ You would be sooo proud of this little man.  He is a 4th grader.  Doesn't seem possible that he is growing up so fast. He reminds me of how fast you and Doug grew up.

Brittany has graduated this year. She sure was pretty! She is in Massage Therapy School.  This ole Nana may need her tender hands...glad I was a good Nana....she may would have beat me..

Mamaw / Papaw and Aunt Jeretta / Bridget all are doing great!

We love you son~ See ya on the other side ~


Birthday Tribute  / Glenda Smedley (Second Grade Teacher )

June is the month of Craig's birthday and I would like to remind everyone what a delightful young man he was.  Craig was kind, thoughtful, courteous, and showed a genuine concern for others.  Always ready to lend a helping hand, and quick to stand up for his family and friends.

Everyone who knew Craig has a richer and more meaningful life because his smile and zest for life were contagious.

In our memory he will remain-

Gentle and kind,                                                                             With character as strong as a lion.                                         Craig, we'll always love you.

Your teacher, neighbor, and friend,                                            Glenda Smedley





In Memory of Craig William Sehon  / Mom

A Long Winter
In Memory of Craig W. Sehon
June 3, 1974 ~ December 18, 1996
By Rhonda Rhodes

Many cold winter nights ago, an angel of Light captured you, my son.
There was a new journey for you to travel and it was your time to go.
Memories of you flood my soul and I can still hear your special laugh.
You were but a young man, full of zest and life but only why, God knows.

My life changed as the eternal plan was brought forth for your life.
I have not quite felt the life of spring or the warmth of summer since that night.
Expressions of sympathy and love were displayed to soothe my broken heart.
Your memory is my cloak that I cherish and it keeps my heart wrapped tight.

How I would love to hear your voice, look into your beautiful green eyes.
I would love to hold you close and tell you that I love you so much.
So many changes to our town, a niece and a nephew you would find.
Only to dream, or to wish upon a star, for a moment, you I could touch.

There comes a day, I know soon, that we will be reunited in the Heavens.
Until then I visit you in my dreams, while my heart weeps for you.
The secret agony that remains in my being consumes my soul.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow my love for you will always be true.

Twelve years ago, on December 18, 1996 you Craig William Sehon discovered the other side, life eternal. I wanted to honor your life here with this memorial. Many love you and miss you dearly. Your death changed all of our lives, and it is only through God’s love and grace that we continue without you, my son! See you on the other side, when it is our time to join you in the heavenly. I love you Mom

Merry Christmas 2008 The 12th Christmas w/out You  / Mom


Son, it has been so long since I have heard your voice, to wish you a Merry Christmas and watch you open your gifts.  This year seems really tough, I guess with all that has happened in the family this Thanksgiving holiday it has brought back so many "crushing memories" of your accident.

I love you son, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas in Heaven ~ See ya soon my son ~

Missing You So Much  / Mom

Hey Babe,

I finally braved the long wait for dial up so that I could sign your memorial page.  It is November, deer season, and your dad is taking Hunter hunting this weekend.  My thoughts were, how you probably would have already claimed this young man to be your hunting buddy.   The leaves are all beautiful!  I know this was your favorite time of year.  AND I always begin to miss you so extra "much" this time of year.  Next month will the 13th anniversary of you crossing over into Gloryland ..... I want like Doug said, in his term paper the year you died, I want to be selfish and have you with me but Craig this world is so full of hate and darkness that you are so much better where there is nothing but love and light.

You would have had a fit, Obama got President.  Truly there was not much of a choice running for the USA President this race. 

Doug is still working off shore < Gulf > and coming home every two weeks.  Hunter misses his daddy so much.  Mamaw and Papaw are fine, getting old .....and fussier!

 Hunter won 2nd prize at the Rodeo this year in the Steer riding contest.  You would have been so proud of him.  He was SO HAPPY....Doug had to bulldoze the door down when he got home because his and Susan's head was so out there with PRIDE.  We all were proud of him  He is in the 3rd grade.  It does not seem possible...just yesterday he was crawling up and down my hallway ....

Sister has moved to Indiana where Bridget has been since 2003.  Times are hard and people everywhere are having to do things they thought they would never do or have to do.   Times are going to get harder I am sure.

Well, son I must be off, I am to pick Hunter up today after school.  I am treating him to McDonalds for a Happy Meal.  He will be so surprised. 

I love you so much Craig, my heart hurts even more.  It has been so long since I have heard your cocky laugh, heard your voice, watch you prance across the room, felt your strong arms around my neck telling me, Mama I love ya!  I miss you Craig ~ Soon we all shall be joined together forever in the Bright City ~ Hugs and kisses to you my son~ Mom lubbyas

Thinking Of You Always  / Janeane Bricker (Brandons Mom )

Thinking of you and your family. Your Mom was so nice to make a graphic for my son. Maybe one day I will learn to make beautiful personalized graphics to. I just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking of you.You will always be loved and remembered and missed until we are with you in heaven.

Guess Who  / Mom

Hey Craig,

You would never guess in a million years who called me today!  I was so surprised and so happy.  Floyd Coffey ~ yeap ~ I could not blieve it.  I saw his Mom at Wal Mart Friday and I ask her to tell him hello for me.  He called me!  We talked about you a bit and he said he lit a candle....I am glad he called but it made me cry later cuz it made me miss you so much.   I remember the first sleep over that we had our at house on Davis Street in Ashdown .... how you guys turned my sofa over and used it for a tunnel and the love seat also, you guys had popcorn all over the living room.  Oh what fun you boys had ~ How I wish a million times over that we could go back to those days son ~  I miss you so terribly much ~ so much ~

Hunter, Mamaw and I spend Saturday on a Photography Outing.  We had so much fun and I even saved a mule.  LOL  You would have been so proud of me but then again come to think of it you probably would have gotten angry with me because I was trying to find someone to report "aniamal cruelty" to...

I love you Craig miss you so much ~ See ya soon ~

Grandparents Day  / Mom

Craig I am so sorry I do not get on your site as much as I used to, but at this time I have been reduced to "dial up" and it takes forever.  It has taken every bit of 10 minutes for this to download so I could comment this morning.

So much has happened in my life and I once again stand on the Promises of God to help me walk through it.  I know that you are one of those that stands as a great Cloud of Witness, that is recorded in the Book of Life....

Tomorrow is grandparents day, and I was thinking about being a grandparent.  What joy I have found in my grandchildren.  Hunter lays sleeping this a.m. as I am even keying this.  I think of your daughter and all the circumstances involved there :  I think about Mom and how she loved you so much will be 12 years December 18, 2008 long ago but yet just yesterday!  I love you and miss you so terribly much.  I created myself a website for showing my Photography and I added a "In Memory of Craig" and I was looking at all those baby pictures then the handsome young lad and then the young man that you became.......and I am so proud of you.  You were a one of the "White Hats"! 

At Hunter's school yesterday we celebrated Grandparents Day.  Your dad and his wife came and I gave him a picture of him and Hunter when Doug and Hunter were over in the back pasture at your dad's place hunting deer.  He looks healthier than I have seen him look in a long time.  I know he misses you also.  He has had some tough times also.  Just keep your love wrapped around him. 

Today, Mamaw and Papaw, Hunter and I are going to the "low water bridge" to take in the nice fall weather.  Hunter and I invited them along for our Photography Outing and Papaw said he would treat us to lunch...can't beat that with a stick !  < remember that saying >  I bet Papaw brings his fishing rod!

Wish you were here, I need a hug and to hear your voice say, I love ya Momma! 

Today is My Birthday "52"  / MOM
Craig, I shared this poem today with a friend from  She is having a really hard time.  She lost her nephew a year old .  His first birthday was yesterday and now they have discovered her Mom has cancer in the last stages.  We here on earth, our minds questions the "judgments" of God, and wonder how, but you that are "eternal" now have the understanding....I shared this with her this morning and thought how it might minister to her heart and then I thought I could put it on your site as my birthday gift to others that may read your tributes.  It is more blessed to give than receive.  I love you son miss you terribly.  My heart cries "silent tears" today but yet I rejoice for I know that you know not anything but Peace and Joy now...Happy Birthday to Me ...from me ...the gift of giving what a joy
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