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Sharing My 52nd Birthday with You Son  / Mom

Happy Birthday Hunter Sharing his big day  / Mom

Craig, it is so hard to believe this little man is already eight years old.  I know you and him would have such a wonderful relationship if you two could have known each other.  You would have been tough on him I am sure but you would have loved this little critter tremendously. We miss you so much!  Wanted to share your "name sake" birthday with you ~ Your Nephew Hunter Craig Sehon ~

I love you son

Your Death Brought You Life My Son I am Free  / Mom

The Truth of Death: My Son

Death took my son one winter day
I had no choice, I was meant to stay
I died inside, not wanting hope
My soul was grounded, I could not cope
Time could not heal this shattered heart,
I would not let it, he could not part!

Death took my son and then came for me
But it let me live, what a tragedy!
I let death win, no strength to fight
I tried to hang on with all my might
It was no use, more determined than I
Little life left, just enough to cry
Tears and pain were a fact of life
Anger was gone, leaving only strife

Death took my son, what could I do?
Submit, give in or turn to who?
My God was there, I chose not to see
He sent His angel to watch over me
She let me mourn to give me strength
And grieve I did at such great length
I couldn't be strong, No! Not alone,
Until I remembered, my son was home!
God showed me death didn't have my son
If only I believed "Thy will be done"

I gave my son to death one day
I realize now, he could have stayed
I let death in to destroy my home
Unaware how my faith would roam
God held me close and showed the way
To take back my life, with His helped I prayed
Armed with His mercy, protected by love
I stood on my feet, with strength from above
I slowly turned and stared death in the face
And finally understood, I had left no space
For God to work His glory through me
The power, the strength, I must agree
Was always there, way deep within
To fight the battle I was meant to win
Death is a lie, his life is NOT over
It is mis-leading, its just a cover
To make you think there's no control
When in truth, Gods on patrol
To guide you, lead you, if you allow
All though at first, you won't know how
He will not leave you nor get disgusted
because he knows you've always trusted
Whether you believed or not
He knows the faith your heart has got

I took my son from death one day
And freed myself, my debt I pain
The grief and pain I gave to Jesus
To live the life which I know pleases
My son in heaven, My Father above
His peace descends on me like a dove
Although at times my heart's in pain
God has promised, I'll see him again

craig / Zoe Williams Mummy To Angel Katie Williams
I dont know your mum at all but i can imagine she is an amazing lady,she regularly goes on my daughters web site and sends her beautiful pictures and poems and writes the most lovely things,you and my katie bug had a love of horses and today your mum has sent a picture of a gold pony to her web page. I hope what she says is right and that you and my girl are riding high in the clouds and that you are teaching her all the things i never got chance to,i know from reading all the messages on here that your mum loves you so very very much and its breaking her heart each day she has to face without you in her life as do all your family but from a parents point of view i can totally understand how she feels and it doesnt matter what age we are when we go,if its a child no matter how old ,to a mother it will always be our babies,life is so unfair and cruel and the days are hard and never ending but with people like your mum in the world it does make it that little bit easier to bear knowing somebody else cares and understands what we are going through,i would love to have met you and your family and i hope somewhere in heaven you come across my bug and when i do finally get there myself she can tell me all about you...
Just cuz it is Friday another day without you Son  / Mom

Happy Fourth of July from Hunter  / MOm

Your fav holiday

My hearts beats for you

My eyes weep tears for you

miss you

Happy 4th of July Son  / Mom


In Memory of You Craig  / Paula Johnson (wife) Of Edward Johnson (visitor)


Happy 34th Birthday!!!  / Teala (Mom Of Chris Naro (Friend of Rhonda's )
Rhonda, I sure hope ALL I send to a is coming....because I'm still having trouble with the verification codes for some reason.

Thanks Sweetie!
Happy 34th Birthday!!!  / Teala (Mom Of Chris Naro (Friend of Craig's Mom )
Happy 34th Birthday Craig!!!
I hope you're having a Wonderful Day, with Jesus and others riding your horses though the clouds of heaven.

Say Hello to my Son, Christopher for me.
God Bless You Craig!
Teala Naro
Happy Birthday  / Kristi (Friend to Rhonda )


Happy 34th Birthday in Heaven, Angel Craig.



Happy Birthday Craig I love you Son  / Mom

Oh, Craig how I would much rather prepare your favorite dessert, 3 Layer Dessert, for your birthday than to make this little graphic.~

But I have no other choice but to come here or out to the cementery to honor your special day.

Thirty-four years ago, June 3, 1974 , Monday morning I gave birth to my first son.  You blessed my life so much and you were such a good baby, little boy, young man, and then all grown up into a man. 

I was blessed with twenty-two years with you upon this earth ~ there are some that never had the treasure of time with their babies ~ for this I am thankful that the Lord would give me twenty-two years.

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Craig.  I know that you are experiencing great joy and peace with the Lord.  Oh how I would love to hold you, give you a birthday kiss and hug and to look my son in his beautiful face,  and tell you I love you.

~ Soon ~

I love you son and Mom misses you so very much


Your Birthday is coming up Son  / Mom

When you were born, on that special day
June 3, 1974

I held you close to me
And joy overflowed from deep in my heart
With a power I'd never conceived
And I knew from that very moment
That you were a gift of love
Sent to bless my life in so many ways
Truly sent from God above
Watching you grow was a privilege
Daily marveling at the changes in you
Finding it hard to contain my excitement
Dreaming of all the future things we'd do
Both wanting time to slow down and speed up
Sometimes wishing a baby you could stay
Other times, wishing the years could move faster
Perhaps in my own selfish way
For I had planned so many things to show you
Things planned for us to do and see
Wanting to give you every experience
That a magical childhood would need
And I loved all the things we did together
To have your sweet shadow following me
I swelled with pride when you called me "Mommy"

Being your mother meant so much to me 
Words couldn't express my joy at your birth
And will never express the loss in my heart
Knowing you've left and returned to Heaven
That it was deemed your time to part
And though I'm not sure how I'll get through this grief
I promise this dearest son
That I'll remember you each day with gladness
For that is what you'd want me to do
And though such deep sorrow cannot be wished away
It isn't the memory you'd want to leave
No, you'd want me to remember you with gladness ..."

Happy Birthday My Dearest Son

Made this for you for Memorial Day son  / Mom

Doug, bought me this balloon for Mother's Day and I took a picture of it to share with you ~ somehow it makes me feel that you were a part of my Mother's Day this year.  I love you so much and miss you terribly.  15 more days and you will have your 34th birthday....wish I could hold you and tell you 'Happy Birthday'

The LORD Reached into the World of Darkness  / MOM

And offered you Peace

I love you son ~ I would have taken his hand also ~


Remembering You on Memorial Day  / Mom


and for Uncle Vernon who has crossed over

this one is for him

Celebrating Papaw's Birthday with you  / Mom

Happy Mother's Day Rhonda  / Kristi...Aunt Of Angel Ashton Spicer (Friend to Craig's Mom )


Craig was so blessed to have you for a mom. I know he watches over you everday but may you feel his extra tight hug on this Mother's Day. Thank You for being such an inspiration to me. God Bless You.

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