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Beautiful / Shauneen Cullen (~Moomy to Savannah )

What a beautiful website you have made to honor your son life.  He looks like he was a very happy man.  I know the pain you feel everyday, I too lost my little girl a year ago.  She was only 17 months old.  I will never be able to hear her call out for mommy again, see her smile, watch her get married or even know the joy of having a baby.

I pray that your wounderful loving son is up in heaven watching over you, your family and playing with all the other little angels that I'm sure are looking up to him and smiling with him.

I would love to know how you have put the beautiful graphic on your page.  Please email me at  I would also like to chat with you.  We can share wounderful memories of our childern.

Kisses from Heaven, Shauneen




Another Valentine Day for you I miss you  / Mom

Rhonda / Susan~Kurt
Wish you were here to give you those kisses and hugs  / Mom

Dear Angel Craig  / Kristi
Dear Craig, I just wanted you to know that your mom has been such a special blessing in my life. I created a webpage for my nephew and she has been to faithful to visit, light candles, add graphics, music, and share her time. She has also been a BIG help to me as I was starting to create the page. You truly are blessed to have such a wonderful mom. I know she misses you so much and her heart aches to hold you again. She will be able to do that one day when you two are reunited. For now please send her special hugs and kisses, she deserves every one of them. And do me a favor, find Ashton there, hold him and tell him how much I love him and miss him.
Cheryl / Susan Stoner Kurt Cleaver's Mom
What a beautiful angel you have. He and Kurt are definately riding horses. I envy that. :) xxoo Susan


In my heart and prayers  / Susan, Mom To Angel Kurtis Cleaver
For your Dad, Papaw who called you Buck  / Mom

When your dad and I brought you home from the hospital your dad had a big ole sign over your baby bed that said "BUCK".  He was so proud of you, his first born, his first son ~ Papaw was just as proud of you ~ You were his first grandchild and you were a about that?  When people ask you what your name was you would proudly proclaim " CRAIG BUCK SEHON".....too sweet.....I miss  you ...

Though the rest of us called you Craig, we were just as proud of you as your Dad and Papaw.  You filled our lives with so much joy and excitement....except those 5:00a.m. feedings you just loved ~ You were a good baby, you came home sleeping all night....guess you knew your momma uhn?  I love you Craig ~ I miss you so much ~ Keep an eye out on your brother.  He came by the house this morning before leaving for the Oil Rig out on the Gulf....keep him for us....bring him home safe ok? 

Thankyou xxx  / Zoe Mummy To Angel Katie Williams

Thankyou so much for the beautiful pictures you put on Katies web site, been finding it so hard at the minute to even look at pictures of my bug,its nice that people like yourself that are going through the same thing really do care,your son craig is so lucky to have a mom like you who truly loves and cares for him the way you do,it doesnt matter how old our children are they will always be our babies no matter what age.Thankyou again xxx

The one piece of puzzle is missing ~ YOU ~  / MOMMA




See ya on the other side Craig  / MOM

Rhonda / Susan, Mom To Angel Kurtis Cleaver (connected by angels )
Thank you so much for stopping by my angels site. I am so very sorry for your loss. I feel your pain and wish I could take yours away from you. Know that you and your angels will forever be in my heart and prayers. I know my son is with them and having so much fun with the Lord. I am envious..but patient. I'm not done here..
As soon as memory of gets this figured out, I'll be around more to light candles. 
xxoo Susan

Craig xxx  / Zoe Mummy 2. Angel Katie Williams (passerby)
I would like to thank your mom for visiting my daughters web page,Katie Williams,i have been reading your web page and see you had a love of horses,my bug was just 2 when she went but she loved horses too,when she was 1 we bought her a New Forest Pony his name was Applejack Buttercrunch ,biscuit for short and from the minute she could walk she would be down at the stables with me,filling up water buckets and haynets and sitting on biscuits back every day,she had no fear what so ever and the bigger the horse the more she wanted,she had pictures in her room of horses and she used to cry when it was time to go home,biscuit misses her terribly, we still have biscuit and could never part with him,even her brothers who have no interest in horses say hes katies horse and we have never to sell him.your mom still misses you terribly and i know ihave a long way to go yet,its nearly 12 months since my bug went and it feels like i havent seen her for years,i miss her so much,but knowing people like your mom who care and light candles for her keeps me strong,love to all your family you sound like such a lovely person,your memory wil be kept alive always xxx
Wishing you a very Happy New Year in the LORD Craig I love you son  / Momm

My Christmas Gift to you today son ~ Merry Christmas ~ I love you ~  / Momma

Merry Christmas Craig, Life has called it's trump card on me this Christmas Day, I am alone.  Doug had to go back to the oil rig yesterday, Susan took the kids and went to have Christmas with her family.  It is quite in the house this morning.  I am enjoying my cup of coffee, the quiteness, and relishing the memories of you this morning.   It seems so long ago that you were here  with us but yet at times the pain is as if it was just "this" morning at 6:10 a.m. when Aunt Sue and the sheriff showed up at my front door on that cold cold morning of the 19th to tell me you had slipped away into the arms of the Lord the night before on the 18th.  There is no greater source of pain than to stand and here that your son, has died.  I know that soon we all will be reunited and look forward to seeing Christ, you, Joe and Mamaw Jewel and Krista.  < So Many > Send your love today in your special way ~ I love you and miss you so terribly much ~ 
Merry Christmas Craig

Oh Craig I miss everything about you son ~  / Momma

Thank you for sharing your family with mine today!  / Shawnna Stone (Friend of Rhonda's )

Thomas, Kyler and I are viewing your tribute to Craig today.  I am sorry there are "anniversaries" such as this..........My children are touched by your love for your children.  I have always admired you, but your strength and courage truly inspire me.  You have a WONDERFUL family.  I wish I could have met Craig on this side, I sincerely do.  But, even more than that I am looking forward to meeting him soon.  We love you!  Thomas, Kyler & Shawnna

remembering you today  / Bridget Aka Gidge Rodman (cousin)

It seems like only yesterday you left us. However, Caitlyn just turned  11 yesterday so today Im reminded of how long it has been since I've seen your face or heard your voice, 11 years. You are greatly missed here on earth by your family and friends. I find comfort  knowing that you are in the presence of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus. We love you miss you. 

Eleven years ago today the LORD called you home ~ I miss you so much ~  / Momma

Son,today marks the 11th year of your leaving this earth journey to journey the other side of eternity.  So many changes in our little town, our lives, family.  Donald Mills passed away this year.  He was a good man and was someone that was a pillar in your life.  Papa and Mamaw are now living in Texarkana, Aunt Jeretta and Big Jim have moved back to Foreman, Bridget and her family are living in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Doug is working on an oil rig out on the Gulf of Mexico.   Doug has made such a good daddy.  I am so p roud of him and the 'quality' time he spends with Hunter.  He is one in a million.  Michael Shane has married and has a little boy, Dwayne has remarried.   Doug has made a good man, he is an "excellent" husband and dad to Brittany.   You would be so proud of his little boy, my grandson, your nephew.  He is your namesake, Hunter Craig.  He is something else.  He brings much delight to our lives.  Your dad and Pam have had victory over sickness by God's mighty hand.   As I look upon the last eleven years I see God's healing hand reaching down into your family's life and bringing to us an abundant measures of Mercy and Grace.   I have mixed feelings, I would love to hold you, talk to you, have you for our holidays, but then this old world is in a "heap" of a mess and you experience joy, delight, peace and there is not any suffering and sorrow in the presence of the Lord.  I would be selfish enough to bring you home long enough to express my love to you and tell you "bye" which is something I did not get to do before you left.  I love you so much son.  I know this old world is winding up and soon Jesus will come on HIS Glory Cloud and call out the overcomers.....Craig, I will see you on the other side.  I know you, with Grandma Bishop, Mamaw Jewell, Joe and Krista will be there at the Gate to welcome me home.   Psalm 23:4 " Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  I will fear no evil: for thou are with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

I created this little graphic for you this day ~ You had such a passion for horses and working with them~
I love you Craig 

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