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Forever / Mom
It seems forever since we have embraced your laughter, your voice, your passions. So many changes in our lives, the town! It seems sometimes that we just left you behind but in all honesty, you left us behind. You as you told Doug, your brother, when you measured an inch with your fingertips and told him I will always be just this much ahead of are ahead of all of us. I wish it was allowed that you could come tell me what heaven is like, the smells, the sounds, and Jesus. Babies being born, others crossing over into the eternal dwelling place. Mamaw and Papaw are still with us, becoming more frail with every passing day, Aunt Jeretta taking care of them. We love you so much and miss you terribly. Our comfort is knowing that one day we all shall be reunited in the Heavens above. I love you, Craig
22 years  / Mom
Every year around October my heart begins to feel the intense pain of your crossing over to the other side. How you loved the fall season, running your dogs, getting ready for deer season. The smell of fall, the gold, red, and brown leaves of the trees, the crispness in the air, all remind me of your excitement of the season. November, Thanksgiving, was the last time any of us had the treasure of your presence. Christmas right around the corner, your gifts under the tree and then Dec 18, 1996, the officers came to my door that cold morning at 6:10 a.m. to tell me you had died during the night. I cherish every memory I have of you. I hold tight your possessions of this below life. I look at your pictures still hanging on my walls. I read your notes to me still. I cry I laugh, I stand still in silence asking the good Lord to hold my heart for it is breaking into a million pieces. You would think after twenty-two years the river would be emptied of tears but it shall never run dry not until the day I join you in the heavens my son. Merry Heavenly Christmas my son. It is December 3, 2018, and I so wished there were gifts under the tree for you but in the heart of God and His Mercy, you are with Him now. I love you Craig and miss you so much. Gone but never to be forgotten and one day Doug, and I, Mamaw and Papaw, and Aunt Jeretta shall join you in the heavens until then you are embraced in each of our hearts and brought to life through our conversations.
October / Mom
I miss you so much Craig! It has been a long journey without you. So many things that should be that is not! The fall season always brings up the deeper thoughts of you. How you loved the fall, getting ready for deer season. Spunky and rowdy you would become this time of year. Our family is growing! Doug is now a Papa and Aunt Jeretta is a proud great granny now! Kynsleigh and Wyatt are the two new members of this family. Your namesake, Hunter has started college this year...oh time just flies by ...Before we know it another Christmas shall roll by without you. December the 18th is now a day filled with "This was the day 22 years ago" that my son crossed over to the other side. Mamaw and Papaw still hanging on, Papaw is 87 and mamaw is 79 ...and your mamma, :) dear ole me is now 62 I wish from the depth of my soul that you could be with us and grow old with us. Know my son, that you are always with us, every step we take, you move with us, your very essence lives within our hearts. Your laughter still echoes within my soul, your walk I still can see, your voice your smile is still alive and well within my heart. Sometimes the journey becomes hard, I become weak and faint but the Lord picks me up and reminds me that all is well with you, my son! That the joy and peace you now experience is far greater than any joy and peace, known to man without Christ. We can only have a small portion of that joy and peace that fills the heavens! I love you son and miss you so incredibly much! Always and Always forever and one more day
Happy 44th Birthday Son  / Mom
We love you and miss you so terribly much. How I would love to hear your laughter, hear you say I love you, mamma, watch you and your brother, Doug wrestle all over the living room. You have now been gone as long as 1/2 your age ...22 years since you left us to abide forevermore before our Heavenly Father. Happy Birthday, son, I love you
21 years today  / Mom
I miss you so much, Craig! It has been 21 years today that you left this world to enter into eternity before you Heavenly Father. You have been gone now almost as old as you were when you It feels as though it has been all eternity to me since I have heard your laughter, felt your arms hugging me, and hearing you say, I love you, momma. My heart remains empty that place that belongs to you, there should be a place set for you at the Christmas celebration banquet table, gifts under the tree for you and the union of your daughter and you at our Christmas Day celebration! Sending you kisses and hugs on angel's wing Until we embrace again I love you and miss you son
missing you  / Mom
It is the fall season and my heart embraces you as that young man that loved this time of year. Getting ready to deer hunt, run your dogs, you so loved the hunt. Hunter graduates this year. Brittany is going back to college. Mamaw and Papaw are not doing very well, they are in the middle seventies and middle eighties ...they have had a hard life and it has destroyed their older age years. Sister has moved back and she still lives in her house where all our memories are. Doug is such a good husband and father. He works hard all the time taking care of "honey-dos", his work, keeping his daughter's taking care of, running after Hunter, and your dad is not in good health so he is out there making sure all things are well with him. And he helps me also. I try to get my own things done so he doesn't have to contend with me but he helps anyway. Shae is beautiful. You would be so proud of her. She is a nurse and a tomboy! She loves camo :) she loves to hunt, and head to the woods. I love you son and miss you so much. It will soon be 21 years since you left us. God has kept his healing hand upon us as we have had to walk without you beside us. Forever you live in my heart, forever you name shall I speak. Mom
Christmas 2016  / Mom
20 years now son, since you have sat at my Christmas Dinner Banquet Table, or around the tree opening gifts with your family.  We so love you and miss you ....Merry Heavenly Christmas to  you Craig. 
I love you so much and miss you beyond words!
Missing you today  / Angie Fletcher Jones (Love)
So thankful your sweet moma has this page set up for you. When Fall starts to creep in, I often think of you. Miss you and love you always my cowboy.. Love, Peaches
Happy Birthday Craig  / Mom
It has been toooooooo long son!  Happy Heavenly Birthday We miss you terribly.
Remembering yesterday!  / Mom
Happy Heavenly Easter 2016  / Mom
Missing you  / Mom
January 2016  / Mom
Off into another year without you! It has been 19 years, I would have never fathom such length of time without you. This Christmas, 2015 Doug and I celebrated for the first time together a portion of you with us. Shae Marie shared Christmas with us on Christmas day. It was a most awesome day! I thought of you and though you were and have always been in every celebration via my heart, this Christmas a bit of your flesh and blood was with us. Mamaw and papaw are aging quickly. Papaw is now 82 and mamaw is 76...Aunt Jeretta has moved back home to Little River County. You dad's wife, died a few years ago with cancer and I hear that he is happier now than he has been in years that he is doing really well....Bridget and her family are still in Indiana. Sometimes it seems as just yesterday at 6:10 a.m. the officers showed up at my house on that cold December morning to bring to me the fate of my oldest son! I miss you so terribly much. Then other times it is the most unbearable because it has been so long since I have touched you, heard your voice tell me "love you mamma" you cut up with your brother...We all miss you so much. Doug has done really well with his son, Hunter Craig. Hunter is now 15 and such a good kid. We all at times think and sometimes talk about what life would have been life with you walking it with us. We can only weave loving images of the one we love that no longer walks this earthly journey. Just a few weeks ago Sherry passed away. Her death was a tragic death. But then every death of a mother's child is tragic isn't it? Life has moved forward son, and we all have found laughter again, as the Lord purposes. But never are you absent from our hearts and our minds as we continue forward. Until the day the Lord withholds his breathe and we cross over we shall always speak your name and dance with your memories my son!I love you Craig and miss you so so much!
Christmas 2014  / Mom
18 years ago this Christmas season, you left the presence of this earth to go to your eternal dwelling.....with you a portion of my heart also left. I miss you every day, every day something is there to remind me of you. This year, the first Christmas with your daughter, Shae Marie. I am so excited....loving her because of who she is, loving her because you run through her veins, loving her because she is my granddaughter.....I may never know the complete truth of all this story but what I know is you never had the opportunity to know your daughter, watch her grow up and she never knew you ..,. may I somehow reveal you to her .... Many changes in the family, some I would have never thought possible, would have never thought it would be the way that it is ....but just as your leaving this life for the next life, I have no control to prevent...if so you would be here with us, and things would be different in the life that is at hand right now. Please forgive me for not visiting this site as much as I used to. It is certainly not evidence of love decreasing or fading away. We made it through Thanksgiving quite uneventful ...but Christmas this year will be awesome! I love you son, my heart fills up with laughter and joy sometimes when I journey in my treasure box and then sometimes I cry and sometimes it is too pain that I have to close it ... I miss you Craig Soon we all shall be together as God has planned and purposed....I love you son! Mom
Happy Heavenly 39th Birthday Son  / Mom

Son, it has been so long since we have had the privilege of hearing your voice, hearing your laughter, and watch you thump Doug on the head....we miss you so much....It has been 16 birthdays that have gone by without you....I find sometimes that I don't want to put more flowers out on your grave, so I tried to find something different, something not so girlie....and then I are in Heaven not in that plot of ground .... and the flowers are for mostly me to soothe my heart that weeps bitterly over your loss still today.  So many changes in our lives,  all of our lives...your dad's, mine, Doug's Mamaw and Papaw's, Aunt Jeretta, so many that loved you!

I love you son

Happy 39th Birthday My Sweet Son


Happy Easter Craig  / Mom

St. Patrick's Day ~ Miss you son  / Mom

Happy Heavenly Valentine's Day 2013  / Mom


I love you so much and miss you even more my son!  Sending to you on the wind kisses and hugs.

Missing You Today Son!  / Mom


Thinking of you this early Sunday morning and my heart weeps silently.

I have had you on my mind so much this week.  How I wish that I could touch you for but a moment, hear your sweet voice tell me, Momma I love you.

Sometimes it still seems impossible that you are no longer trodding the pathways of this earth's pastures, gracing our celebrations of holidays, birthdays, and just the family time together.

So much to say, so much to explain, so much so much

Craig, I love you son and miss you terribly.  Surely, soon we all shall be together roaming in that beautiful celestial land of God's Presence, to never be separated again!

Today, December 18, 1996 -16 years ago  / Mom

Craig, 16 years ago today, was the  day that you crossed over.  How we miss you, your memory never has ceased to be or fade!  You are still a part of our conversations and not a holiday goes by that we don't share our thoughts of you.  I am looking so forward to walking the streets of Gold with you son!  Meet me at the gate!

I love you Craig


A piece of our family puzzle left us, December 18, 1996 @ 11:36 p.m.

Life has never been the same!

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